Walking trail in Brufa, Perugia Umbria

Almost every Sunday I participate in a running race in Umbria. I always track the route with my Garmin Connect (navigation). Not only because I am curious about my finishing time, I also want to share the running and walking routes in this area. It has happened that the links to these running tracks cannot be opened. It is unclear why, I even contacted Garmin about it. Despite of this inconvenience I now try to share with you a running and walking trail close to Perugia.

Hopefully this time it works out well! Yesterday, August 31 2014, there was a race of 14 km in the Brufa area, a small village close to Perugia. It was called the “Maratonina del vino e dell’arte“: A small wine and art marathon.

The running route was in the green nature of the Perugia area. Very beautiful with amazing views indeed!

We ran through the Umbrian vineyards and olive groves. The start and finish was in Brufa itself. It is a village worth visiting. If you love walking in the Umbrian hills, I can recommend this track to everyone. And when you are on a holiday in Umbria with your dog, try it out! You will enjoy the Umbrian countryside, and so will your dog.

You start and finish in the city center of Brufa. There is a large parking place close to the center.

1374658108-brufa-in-festa-perugia P1060716 P1070506 P1070658

-posted by Sylvia van der Male-

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