Third place 10 km run

Last Sunday, I participated in a 10.5 km race in Fabro, Umbria. A small village in the province of Terni, south Umbria. I was there together with my running team G.S. Filippide.

In this period we train a lot. In Umbria as well as in Tuscany you can participate in a lot of races of 10-15 km. It is still too hot for marathons or half-marathons. If you prepare yourself for a (half) marathon in September or in October-November (I am training for the half marathon in Amsterdam), these races are good exercises.

I never participate to win. I train a lot, and I like running in the Umbrian and Tuscan countryside. I make progress, but many other women are much quicker than I am. When I participate in a race, it is a competition against myself. This is for me the main reason to run and I enjoy it a lot.

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised : I finished third in the women’s classification. I knew I was doing well, I ran 4.35/km but never thought I’d win a prize. My finishing time was 48.07.

I won a salami and a small hat 😉 . And last but not least, I am in the newspaper! A flying Dutch woman in the daily journal Corriere dell’Umbria.

A nice experience!

Map: Garmin Connect – Fabro Umbria

-posted by Sylvia van der Male-



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