Summer running in Città di Castello

Since a couple of days the Summer began in Umbria. Days are getting longer, people live outside, the restaurants are open until midnight… I love it!

Every day it is about 30 degrees. On my terrace with view over the Trasimeno Lake I cannot read my book in the lazy chair anymore. Impossible. On the terrace it feels like being in the Sahara desert! Even the laundry is dry in less than an hour.

It is Summer in Umbria , and I like it. I love the sun and also the heat…

But running a half marathon in Città di Castello with +28 degrees last Sunday, was not funny at all. At the beginning I flew over the streets in the city center. I was ready, It felt like flying. But not for long. Outside the historical walls there was no shade anymore. Only sun. We ran in the countryside of Città di Castello. No wind and no rain… ouch! We suffered a lot in the heat. This half marathon felt like a “nightmare”, there was no ending. I wanted to run a PR like many others, but I did not succeed. We all thought, we just run the 21k and we finish good and well. My finishing time: 1.44,21. Ok, I admit, not bad at all!

When I checked the results together with my running friends, we couldn’t believe it. I ended first of my category! I’ve never won a race before! Guess what, I won a back pack with al kinds of good stuff in it. Like “Lombetto sott’olio”. Never heard of that. It is porc meat in olive oil. It looks delicious, but first I have to find out how to eat it. And in the bag I found also olive oil, a bottle of red Umbria Rosso wine, pasta, tea, energy bars and hair gel.

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7 thoughts on “Summer running in Città di Castello

  1. Fantastic!!!! Congratulations Saskia! I love your opening description of the summer in Umbria. It felt like I was there. Not running, mind you 😉 but cheering you on from the shade, absolutely!


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