Handmade ceramics in Spoleto

Giuseppe Di Salvio is a good friend of mine. I have met him 4 years ago when I started working in the Spoleto area. Originally he comes from Vietri sul Mare, a small village nearby Naples. Giuseppe is an artist. He has a passion for pottery and ceramics. Since 4 years he has his own ceramic store “La Torre” in the city center of Spoleto.

Everything you see in the ceramic store is handmade. Mugs, teapots, tableware, plates, flower vases and more … Unbelievable. Imagine how many hours he spends in the laboratory just to complete one object!






Here you see Giuseppe together with his girlfriend and his young dog Bobo.

In the evening after a sandwich with “salsiccia” and a large beer, he showed me his work in a narrow street close to his store in the center of Spoleto. What an amazing place. I loved The Maria with Child:


This is the address of the store La Torre:

Ceramiche La Torre
Via Salaria Vecchia 16
06049 Spoleto, Italy
Email: latorreceramiche@gmail.com
Phone number: +39 331 900 9056

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ceramiche.latorre

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