Pizza and Sfizi

Today was a lovely Sunday in Castiglione del Lago, my home town, and many people went out for a walk along the Trasimeno Lake. Families and children enjoyed their picnic along the lake. On the terraces in the historical centre couples and friends enjoyed the sun with a good glass of wine. It is Spring!


In the centre of Castiglione del Lago is a small rosticceria “Pizza & Sfizi “. You find a table with four chairs inside. Behind the counter you see all kinds of yummy snacks! This is not a restaurant but just a perfect location to enjoy an Italian snack. You can take French fries, pizza, croquets, rustico, suppli and a drink. Whatever you want!



This afternoon I tried one of their snacks! For once I ate something else than a pasta, risotto or a raw ham sandwich. But before eating, I wanted to get to know the people behind “Pizza & Sfizi.” And guess what, they are not Umbrians, but from Naples! A family from Naples who run a rosticceria in Umbria. Fantastic!

Giovanni, the son of Raffaela and the brother of Daniele told me pretty much everything about their lifes in Umbria. And why they decided to move. Building a life in Naples is not easy. Chaos, mafia. Naples is different, though it is only 4 hours driving from Umbria. I know Naples a little bit and can confirm what they told me. They say: “See Naples before you die”. I haven’t got plans to stop living, but I think I could never build a life in Naples. Life is so complicated there. The pizza is excellent, though! And the baroque churches are beautiful, outstanding!

The father of Giovanni is still a mechanic and works in Cortona, Tuscany. Together with his mother and his brother, Giovanni runs this rosticceria in Castiglione del Lago, Umbria. And they do it very well.

I can recommend everybody to take a snack in this bar for a picnic along the Lake Trasimeno. Enjoy the beautiful views and the good suppli, pizza and French fries from the Varchetta family from Naples. W (= viva) Umbria!

Pizza & Sfizi
Via Vittorio Emanuele n. 80
Castiglione del Lago

Open every day 10.00 – 20.30


– Post by Sylvia van der Male –

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