Città della Pieve

Every first Sunday of each month there is a all day local market in Città della Pieve. A good reason to return to this lovely village in the west of Umbria, almost in Tuscany.

This hilltop town of almost 8000 inhabitants has its origins in Etruscan times. Many artifacts dating back to that period were found in the surrounding area. In the middle ages the town was fortified and got its name, still used today.




What always strikes me is the way the houses have been built in the old town centre. Rather then using the usual grey/yellow stone that you see a lot here, red coloured bricks have been used. The clay to make these bricks was and is found near Città della Pieve. The tradition to build with red bricks hasn’t changed to this date.

The whirling small streets and alleyways, allowing now and then a view over the green hills around, the restaurants, bars and shops make this small town a good choice to spend a Sunday afternoon. It is always fascinating to see the Italians stroll through the streets, in animated discussions or just calmly enjoying a good ice cream.





– Post by Saskia van der Bolt –

3 thoughts on “Città della Pieve

  1. Yes, you’re quite right. Pietro Vanucci, also known as Il Perugino was born here in the 15th century. He has left a series of fresco’s in Umbria that can be visited. Food for another blog!


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