Castiglione del Lago at Lake Trasimeno

Castiglione del Lago, at the lake Trasimeno has been nominated one of the most beautiful villages in Italy! It is indeed a cute little village, quite lively in the summer season. Its position at the shores of the lake gives it a pleasant athmosfere. One can visit the medieaval castel, Palazzo della Corgna, with beautiful views over the lake.

There are many festivals in Umbria and one of the smaller festivals I particularly like. Every year in April one can enjoy the kite festival “Coloriamo i cieli”. If a good wind blows, the sky is full of colours, kites, balloons. An event that attracts lots of families with children.

b2ap3_thumbnail_coloriamoicieli2013-1.jpg     b2ap3_thumbnail_coloriamoicieli2013.jpg

Lake Trasimeno also is a good destination if one appreciates genuine and local food. Typically one produces olive oil, wines, honey, cheese of sheep’s milk and there is the fagiolina del Trasimeno, a small bean variety. Let’s not forget the fish from the lake which can be eaten best on the island Isola Maggiore (that’s my personal opinion).  Buon appetito!


– Post by Saskia van der Bolt –

6 thoughts on “Castiglione del Lago at Lake Trasimeno

  1. There is a couple living near me that have a farm in Trasimeno where they make olive oil and import here in the US. I wonder if you know them, Mike Sola and Amy-Louise Pfieffer (and daughter Marta)? Wouldn’t that be a small world if you did!


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