I had finished my swim and was changing.

Around me four young Italian girls were preparing for their swimming lesson. The changing room was empty apart from us.

The radio played a love song of Jovanotti, called ‘A te’. It is a wonderful song. The lyrics are beautiful and make you dream about being so intensely appreciated by the man you love.

The young girls, maximum 10 years of age, sang along, without missing a beat. Every word correct. Their innocent high pitched voices serious while in the mean time they were casually getting about their business.

I was touched and amused at the same time.

2 thoughts on “Innocence

  1. O my….what an incredible moment. I know that song…. so beautiful and not a new song at all. It reminds my why i love Italy and the Italians. They sing and love and hug and kiss so freely, compared to so many other cultures – including the one I live in most of the time – and I miss that so much.


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