Terni Marathon di San Valentino

This Sunday I paticipated in the San Valentino marathon in Terni. It was my first marathon and I did not prepare as well as I should have, but I finished. Very happy I did!

The marathon and the half-marathon started together, in Ferentillo. With buses we were transported from Terni to Ferentillo. We ran though the Valnerina and under the Marmore waterfalls. A beautiful route. Then in Terni the half marathon ended and the scenery was not as nice, running through part of the industrial area of Terni and the flat countryside is not something you will write home about. However, it was all very well organized.

Upon arrival there were freshly grilled bruschetta’s with olive oil. I think I had about 4 and dipped extra in the oil … could have eaten other 4 without any trouble!

If you like running I can heartily recommend to participate in the half marathon. For a full marathon in Italy I guess I would choose one of the famous cities like Rome or Venice … !


5 thoughts on “Terni Marathon di San Valentino

  1. Achilles Niggle says:

    Congratulations on completing the marathon. I have run marathons in Rome and Florence and they are always very well organised events. Cool medal, think I will need to try for one of those one year


    • Thanks! I read you are training for 153 kms … so everything is relative!
      I might do another marathon sometime, but not in a hurry… I did sign up for half a marathon next week, taking it easy really just to enjoy the countryside, it is around Lake Trasimeno and will be beautiful.


  2. Nice medal indeed. Nice to run there, though the hills would make it very difficult to me. I’m preparing for 15 km here in Utrecht, Netherlands. Good luck for the half around Trasimeno!


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