Perugia in the mist – end of November

My last blog post was about Perugia in the mist with the Christmas lights on. I like that picture, although I do not like mist in real life.

I was in Perugia for a Guided Tour at San Francesco sul Prato (Saint Francis on the lawn). A unique spot in this already lovely town. You should not miss walking here, but do so only if you have some energy left and are a good walker. You will have to go down the Via dei Priori and keep going down, following the road to the right where the road curves. It is a spectacular view, this immense lovely church on a lawn. In the middle of town.

This is where the Accademia delle Belle Arti is, with a beautiful museum. The Guided tour was organized by the Guide in Umbria, and as usual it was excellent. A lot of information, but easy to follow. Everything they discuss comes to live and each time I take part in one of their Guided Tours I regret not having studied art history. There is so much to discover and understand!

Anyway, below a few misty pictures …

Why you only should venture here if you have energy left? After visiting you will have to walk back up. Now it is not really far and the Via dei Priori has many lovely shops and bars … so you can always find a good excuse to rest a bit.


5 thoughts on “Perugia in the mist – end of November

  1. I know this little corner of Perugia like the back of my hand as they say….Thank you for sharing. The tour sounds wonderful and I would love to see the newly reopened museum. I just missed it last time I was in town. The mist is beautiful – to look at. But don’t stay out too long….! Still. it’s a good excuse to stop at the wonderful Bar dell’accademia about half way up Via dei Priori for something hot or sweet or both 😉


  2. We also have a lot of mist here – although I would call it dense fog! Some days you glimpse the sun for a brief ten minutes. Although I must admit it looks so suggestive sitting atop a Palladian villa on a hillside. I think the fog provides great writing weather! Ciao cat


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