Art in Umbria – Torre Strozzi

Yesterday I went to visit Torre Strozzi. A friend of mine invited me and I am really happy I went. The tower is from around 1200 and alone worth a visit. On the 4 floors you can see modern art made by different artists. Some ceramic, some paintings, some sculptures in steel.

We spent about an hour here and were invited to drink something, accompanied by some left-over bites from the day before. They had had an official opening of a new exhibition, so we were lucky.

Below two pictures of a funny art piece called ‘L’Italia fa acqua’, meaning ‘Italy is leaking’ (in the sense of big problems) and one picture of another piece inside of a cross.

Torre Strozzi Modern Art in Umbria
Solfagnano Parlesca
(from the road through Solfagnano Parlesco you can simply follow the brown signs indicating Torre Strozzi, it is not far from the main road).

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