Da Baffone in Umbria – excellent for truffles


Having friends over can be a real joy! (whether it is a joy or not depends on the friends …).

With one couple who love food, we went to eat truffles in ‘Da Baffone’ near Gubbio. Well … ‘near’ is not exactly the right word. Da Baffone is about 20 minutes and maybe more from Gubbio. It took us over an hour from my house to get there, the last part an empty asphalted road slowly circling up the hills behind Gubbio.

It is worth the drive, that is the good news.

We had a real nice truffle antipasto. A plate covered in thinly sliced fresh truffle, with various bits a

nd pieces under it. Excellent. Then we had a taste of three kinds of pasta. We asked for small portions, but apparently the chef does not know what small portions are. The truffle fettuccine were very very nice and after that we had no appetite left for the other dishes they brought. They were OK, but a next time I would stick to the truffle pasta.

Are you not far from Gubbio, not put off by the atmosphere (lack thereof) of a real Italian restaurant (big open space, not elegantly furnished) and you do not mind to negotiate a typical hill road to get there … do visit Da Baffone!

Tel: +390759242184

S. Maria di Burano
Gubbio (PG)

(take the road to Fano and turn left where S. Maria di Burano is indicated). Follow the road until you see signs for Da Baffone.

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