Immerse yourself in the past in Umbria

With friends I visited the ‘Centro delle Tradizioni Popolari’ near Citta di Castello. A very friendly guy showed us around. He was quite knowledgeable as long as you kept prodding him for information.

The ‘centro’ is just outside Citta di Castello. You will see big and many signs saying ‘Garavelle’, directing you to a huge parking area. You can not miss the place as it is the only house I know in the whole of Umbria with several locomotives parked outside.

Outside you can see many very old (and less old) ploughs and other equipment they used to work the land. There is a steam engine and also a few very old American tractors (one is still working apparently, but the brakes fail so a bit a risky undertaking to drive it). Inside you can see a lot of the old life, long gone now we have electrical appliances for everything that we just throw out when they stopped working. Although I do know several Umbrian families who still keep the frugal traditions alive as well as they can.

Below two pictures from the website


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