Ristoro ‘In Bocca al Lupo’

High in the hills (just over 800 meters) between Tuoro sul Trasimeno and Lisciano Niccone, you will find this small ristoro in the pine forest covering the hill. Lovely setting, lovely cool in summer (and in winter you sit inside in front of the wood burning stove, also not bad!).

The owner, Ivo, prepares excellent food with love and dedication. You make a reservation and drive up, Ivo thinks about the rest. He will prepare too much food, so when he started to explain the list of antipasti and pasta he was going to bring us, we interrupted him and asked to half the antipasti and also give very small portions of pasta. The antipasti were halved, but the pasta was still a lot. And very good.

So, we ate a Sunday lunch and had enough for several days (at least, so it feels … usually when evening falls I do get some appetite back). Real good quality, can recommend this ristoro wholeheartedly and will certainly be back.

The name of this ristoro is very nice as well. In Bocca al Lupo means ‘in the mouth of the wolf’ and Italians say it to wish you luck. You have to reply ‘Crepi il lupo’ (that the wolf will die) for the good luck to pass freely (or so they say …). Since the ristoro is in the woods, the kind of woods where you could easily imagine a wolf roaming, the name fits the place very well.

Ristoro in bocca al lupo – Localita Montecastiglione – Gosparini 144 – 06060 Lisciano Niccone

Ivo: +39 3356489144 (you have to make a reservation!)

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