Excellent small ‘restaurant’ near Umbertide

Yes, why write ‘restaurant’ near Umbertide and not simply restaurant?

Well … this place is not really a restaurant. You can eat here and very well.
Any time of the day!
Yes they are open from 10 in the morning until 10 at night.
You eat what they have, no menu. Sometimes they have a 4 course dinner and other times they have a huge selection of antipasti and no pasta, just grilled meat as a secondo. Both ways, you are guaranteed to lick your fingers.

You can always call a few days ahead to tell them you are coming and would like a real many course dinner. They do that and how! I have been here several times and really ate very very well. Simple food, made the way you never find it any more in restaurants.

You can sit in the garden in summer or in front of the crackling fire in winter.

Enough said, you just will have to try for yourself. Prices are very reasonable (actually low …).

Ristoro in Campagna – Localita Pieve d’Agnano 48 – Umbertide
Mobile 3349368992

Take the road from Umbertide in direction Gubbio and not far from the turn off you will see a sign ‘Torta al Testo’ to your right. Take a very sharp turn right and you will find the house immediately there.

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