Small alternative markets in Umbria

Last Sunday I finally managed to visit a real surprising little market, organized once a month at the house of private people. I had heard about this little market, but never had the opportunity to go and have a look.

It was lovely and interesting. Apparently everywhere in the hills around me, people are living very simple lives, scraping together a bit of money and furthermore trying to live in and from nature. A bit hippy like, very alternative, with many heavy beards (the men) and long robes (the women).

I bought some excellent butter and bread. The man who sold the butter asked whether we wanted to pay or trade something in. That is the atmosphere, really different from the ‘normal’ society of heavy focus on money and income. We paid by the way … !

I am really happy to know this alternative, nature friendly tiny market exists and hope to visit other times. This will depend on a letter (a real paper letter) they will be sending me with a schedule. No email.
Why they did not use email? Because only few of these people have computers.

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