Tough pruning job!

Yes, meters up in the air, this chainsaw got caught in the tree.

We had to ‘prune’ these huge trees because one had fallen and was uncomfortably leaning on another one. Unfortunately however, also this tree is about to fall. So action was required!

Two guys from the village who have dealt with these kinds of problems before, arrived with a … (excuse me … no idea what you call one of these in the picture below, maybe platform, but not sure?) and started working immediately. The first cut they made resulted in the above situation. Luckily they had a second chain saw and managed to get the first one out.

The leaning tree was dangerously tense and every so often, after more work done, it would fall further making the most horrific sounds in doing so.

In the morning they managed to top all the trees and bring the fallen one down without any damage. A real neat job.

Now I need to find somebody who would like to take the wood away (for free!). If you know anybody within a few days from now, do let me know!

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