Riding school in Umbria

Today I was invited to a very special horse back riding lesson, not far from where I live. Riding school Marana organises very nice excursions through the Umbrian countryside, a lovely thing to do while on holiday in Umbria. However, this riding school offers more … and something very special: acrobatics on horse-back (this is called Voltige). I witnessed a short voltige show today and I am really impressed!

The riding school is really small scale with just 5 horses. There are more dogs I believe, but I did not count them! All dogs rescued or taken from the pound. Two horses roam freely as they believe and the others are also outside in spacious fenced areas. All dogs are free and friendly, lying around, not in the least curious as what those humans are doing. Apparently they have seen acrobatics on horse back many times before!
The whole riding school breathes a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You can see the horses have a wonderful life here.

Visiting Umbria? Do book a nice horse back riding tour here or brush up your riding skills with some voltige lessons. Kids love to do this but it is great fun for adults as well (and very difficult!)!
Veronica is the owner, she speaks English and German. Her mobile is +39 349 2253081. The website is in Italian right now, but an English page is in the making.

One thought on “Riding school in Umbria

  1. The perfect addition to time out in Umbria. Those lucky horses! Thanks for such a sweet post. I’m not sure whether to show this to my horse-crazy, dog-loving little girl or not. This would be her dream come true!


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