Raw milk kiosk

A few days ago, I found myself staring at this. I found it just outside the shopping mall ‘Collestrada’ near Perugia:

Buy raw milk near Perugia
One can buy a liter of raw milk for 1 euro. That is not expensive!

The first time user is invited to buy a bottle for 1 euro and they explain on the poster that you should re-use the bottle every time and how to clean it.

I had read somewhere that selling raw milk through the official sales channels is not allowed. Therefore they invented a maze in the net by providing the raw milk in these little ‘do-it-yourself’ kiosks. Don’t ask me who ‘they’ are … I should do some searching to find out.

Raw milk is rather different from the milk we are used to buying from the supermarkets. Apparently we have gotten so used to the supermarket milk, drinking the real stuff takes some getting used to. Personally I do not drink milk, but this raw milk kiosk has made me curious, so I might pass there again and fill my bottle.

2 thoughts on “Raw milk kiosk

  1. Margaretha Keiser says:

    In the supermarket here in a little town in the real West of Holland one can buy daymilk for 1 euro. They told me it is fresh.


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