Where did that come from?

I went to visit two of my clients in different places yesterday. As always in Italy there seemed to be plenty of time for small talk. At the first place I was told that the current crisis is the work of a very small group of people, ten to be exactly. Yes, 10. These people allegedly make lots and lots of money from the crisis. No details about who they are and how they do it, but it was true. I think it is wise in circumstances like these to remain mum so I shrugged and went off to my next meeting.
One hour later I was at my next meeting and at the end I was told exactly the same story! Ten people basically ruling the world. I couldn’t be really bothered to ask but it puzzled me. Where was this coming from.

My theory is, yes I have theories as well … that it must have been in either a newspaper or on television. Anyway theories like this creates a common enemy and we do all know how useful these can be!

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