Slow Wine guide in Montefalco Umbria

One of our trusty spies told us that the Slow Wine guide was going to be presented in Montefalco so we grabbed the tasting glasses and hit the road. It is amazing how little information sometimes is available about these events but then you can trust the todoinumbria website to keep you up to date when visiting Umbria (although this specific event was not on todoinumbria either!).

The presentation was held in the beautiful S. Francesco Museum/Church in the centre of Montefalco which is worth a visit in itself. In total there were about 50 Umbrian winemakers which all are to be found in the guide.

Since Slow Wine is a sister of Slow Food there were some little snacks like the famous mazzafegato (a sort of fresh salami) unusual but nice, Torta di Pasqua and different bruschetta. Wine tastings makes hungry apparently so the food was welcomed by everyone. We tasted some nice Sagrantino di Montefalco and the more common Rosso di Montefalco and we chatted with many people we know by now (the Umbrian wine scene is rather small!).  Great to have so many producers and lovely snacks under one roof, viva l’Umbria!

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