Great Truffle find in Umbria

It is truffle time in Umbria, well it basically always seems to be and though the crop this season is by no means fantastic there is some to be found. At the Citta di Castello truffle event we spoke to the sister in law of a lady running a reliable truffle operation who runs a restaurant. She told they have been hunting basically all their life for truffles and wild animals. Now I am always interested in proper restaurants so I quizzed her some more and put the restaurant on my mental ‘to visit’ list.
So last week we phoned up some friends and headed over. It was one of those dark evening windy road drives which always seem to take ages since you don’t know where you are going. We ordered lots of different plates, most of them including truffle be it white or black. What we got was a very pleasant surprise, very tasty enjoyable fair with its feet in Umbrian traditions but not at all heavy. We had brought some of our own wines (after having asked if that was a problem) which got the owner interested and he joined our table now and then to taste and give us some background information on the food. Great evening and the price was absurdly low for what we got, they must have given us the ‘sconto treat’.
If this got you interested the place is called Borgo Montecedrone tel: 0758570052 and you will find it in Uppiano above Montesca which is the same as nowhere, well at least it seemed like that at night. Reservation is needed.

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