QR codes in Perugia

Here is one for the tech savy Umbria fans, QR codes. Unless you have been under a rock for quite some time you can be forgiven for wondering what all those strange black and white squares are you see popping of everywhere. They are QR codes and in Japan , where it was invented in 1994 to track vehicle parts, they have been a rage for ‘ages’. Well ages since 1994.

What you do when you see one is grab your smartphone, fire up the QR reading programme, point, shoot and your phone will magically receive data, (words, pictures, website links etc.) on whatever the QR code wants to give you information about. In Perugia you will now find more than 150 of these QR labels on shops and monuments. You will need a wireless internet connection to be able to access the data (which can be expensive in roaming).

Nice idea.

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