Off to Tuscany.

It is good to have friends. You give them a ring to ask if they would like to stay two weeks in Umbria and take care of garden and dogs ed eccoci … before you know it they arrive on your doorstep so you can go and have a look at other regions of Italy.

We went to the Maremma, a very interesting and lovely part of Tuscany. We splashed and floated around in the sea, relaxed on the beach, went for a run … all in splendid weather. The only downside was, we were not alone! If you wanted to eat in the evenings you had to queue or hope that your partner had a great foresight and made reservations three days, yes three!!! in advance!
Unfortunately my hopeful gaze was met with a blank stare. At that point I was so frustated I wanted to yell out ‘You are a worthless travel companion!’ but opted to point to a midnight farmers market which provided us with ingredients for a rather pleasant impromtu seaside picknick. All this made me wonder that, if it is this crowded in the end of September, what does August look like?

We did stay in a very nice agriturismo (Agriturismo Peretti – website is not working right now), nice location, 10 minutes from the sea, good breakfast, lovely owners and clean accomodation. Recommended! On our way back we visited some winemakers we know, they already had some things boiling which always makes for fun tastings!

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