Spicing up fish in Umbria.

Vino? The usual question of our genial neighbour was uttered as soon as we stepped on their turf.
Ah no grazie, and than an excuse followed.
Well we do have to climb a kilometre back up a hill which with 35C temperatures and alcohol running through your veins is not the easiest thing in the world.

Then from the corner of my eye I spotted a big brown ball in the cantina, it looked like a ball of mud but coming closer I noticed that it spread a rather nice scent.
Is it a dolce I asked? He laughed, ‘well maybe for the fish’.
Turns out that this ball is used to catch fish. You dump pieces of it in the water and then fish will come. Now having fished myself I know about this. What struck me as peculiar however was the list of ingredients: coco powder (sweetened mind you), anice, fennel, cornflour, vanilla…..

I think the ball-bait has been made this tasty so one can lay down at the side of the river nibbling on it from time to time. Fishing time, dolce vita time.

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