‘Look at that! ‘my companion yelled. A truck had gone off the ramp and landed in a cornfield 2 meters lower. Hoping no one was hurt we sped on to our destination. ‘Did you notice all that fruit?, What a pity’.  ‘No worries, soon people will arrive to clean it up’ I answered.

When we returned two hours later the place had a more ant hill look to it. We stopped and parked the car to make a few pictures. ‘Go and get some’ someone said to us. ‘The owners are there and you can take what you want for free’.
It must be true since we were watching people hauling crates, binbags and wheelbarrows of fruit and vegetables through the corn to the road.

Word must have spread quickly since people arrived from all over the place and launched themselves on the enormous pile of crates filled to the brim with good quality food. We picked up some beans, peaches and apricots. At home we tasted some fruit and were not impressed although the peaches were quite tasty.

When I passed next day not a single piece of fruit was remaining. Again the comparison with ants springs to mind!

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