Italian Lunch

Panini on the road

Word has it that Italians always eat well. No matter where they are someone always has a good piece of bread and salami in his jacket. Another shakes fantastic olive oil out of his or her sleeve. Pasta is widely available etc.

Other people, like for example the Dutch, are ridiculed for their lunch practices. In Holland lunch consists of thinly sliced bread with hardly any margarine or butter, if you are lucky, and covered with a waferthin slice of golden Gouda cheese.

Italians would never do that.Or?

Hate to say it but they do. I must admit their sandwiches are somewhat turbocharged. How about for instance bread with roasted eggplant, salad, tomato sauce, olive oil and some cheese? When you go hiking with Italians lunch is the time they dip into their rucksacks and fish out their sandwiches. No worries however, as stated the sandwich are ‘alta qualita’ and if you find yourself in a larger group there will always be salami, cheese and some small botlles of wine to be found.

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