Registering with the Italian Chamber of Commerce.

For years we had trouble registering with the Chamber of Commerce. I’ll spare you the details but basically the problem was the category we are working in doesn’t exist at the Chamber so no registration possible. All despite the fact that we have been doing this work for years and have had thousands of happy customers.

After years of pestering my book keepers with this question, somebody found a way out and my commercialista (book keeper) saw the light … ecco! There might be a possibility after all!
So we now are registered. But then one raccomandata (recorded delivery letter) after the other started to arrive. The letters contain a lot of gobbledygook and don’t require any action. Why does that get send by registered letters?

I heard from others that they were pestered by telephone calls from ufficially sounding people, pressing them to buy a ‘handbook’ for €150 since the police had decided it was mandatory to have at least one copy … Right.
I’m still waiting for one of those calls … ! In the meantime I will keep accepting registered mail!

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