Old friend

Years ago I worked with this lovely man who created some walls, terraces and a small building on site where I live. I had been working on the same projects as well as a ‘facchino’, one who carries stuff around (in this case building sand and stones, lots and lots of stones).
Today the fabro (blacksmith) came to do some repair work on a fence. To my surprise he was accompanied by my old friend. Turns out they are nephews.
We chatted a bit and he was still very proud of the work he had done, all was in good order, true craftsmanship.
He was however concerned about the olives, they needed pruning more or less immediately. ‘This one should go, and that branch as well and, and, and…..’ He had a hard time understanding that at this time of the year there is a lot to be done, not only in the garden but also behind my desk.

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