Cakes in Umbria at GMB

Like finding water in the dessert……

GMB isn’t a name that gives me hope of finding delectable cakes, tarts and other good things. GMB to me sounds more like something participants in the annual Tour de France use to find some extra pedalpower, or it sounds like a builder of offroad motorbikes.
However I was wrong.

On a small industrial estate you find yourself in a fantastic pasticceria. Mirrors, gold, bottles of champagne everywhere and piles of beautiful things to eat. They also do take out and we noticed a large group nibbling on some very good looking sandwiches.

If you need to stretch your legs after all the indulging work why not head over to the famous Castello del Leone castle built by Frederick II in nearby Castiglione del Lago . If the only thing you want to do after having tasted GMB products is eat them for days check out the nearby holiday apartment we rent out, it sports a fantastic terrace with great views of the Lake.

GMB can be found by taking the road from Castiglione del Lago in the direction of Chiusi and after a while you’ll see a large sign with directions to GMB and a cashmere selling point. Their number is +39075951547.

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