Our vegetable garden Italian or Dutch?

We have had some fantastic weather here, lots of sunshine and this combined with the fact that I found some tomato seeds in the mailbox alters thinking capacity.
So out comes the heated propagator and in go the seeds.
No idea what will come of this project but we’ll be trying to let the tomatoes and other summer vegetables think it already is February or March. The Dutch are world renowned for their greenhouse growing abilities and they are able to grow tomatoes, peppers and eggplants at competitive prices year round due to the use of some very nifty techniques.
We will by no means be able to copy this, not in the least because our greenhouse is unheated. We’ve build however a small heated greenhouse/propagator for the summer vegetables which we will be placing in the big greenhouse, it might work.

As you can seefrom the pictures we still have enough greens for the coming weeks and new salad plants are already sticking their little heads above the ground. Benvenuto in terra nostra!

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