Kaki Umbria

As usual around this time of the year free wine, seasonal fruits (kaki’s) and grappa are flowing through the door of our house courtesy of  our beloved amici and conoscenti. I love this ritual and am amazed what they produce in the surrounding countryside.

From a friend we got a bottle of home made grappa. After having tasted this particular produce, I think it is time for 1 new rule in Italy which should say something like:

‘E vietato’ to induce involuntary behaviour by your lovely neighbours through the means of giving them souped up homemade grappa. Delivering anything of such potency that after having sniffed it their heads will be spinning for at least three hours will be punished by.. etc…..’

Yes the stuff is potent and bears resemblance to nailpolish remover, vodka, and and endless list of very harmful chemicals. On the bottle it says it should be 60% but I guess having drunk the stuff themselves they couldn’t distinguish between a 6 and a 9 any longer?

The Kaki are great however and I’m sure a victim will pass who will relish this vicious moonshine. Maybe Santa is interested in it to give his sledge an extra boost……?

Merry Christmas everyone!

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