Weather in Umbria

Umbria is Italy and Italy means nice weather right? Urm.. no not exactly. It is true we can have fantastic weather but the opposite is true as well. In summer normally you won’t encounter a lot of raindrops and the temperatures are quite high. Winters are supposed to be mildly cold but at the moment the weather has a real Nordic feel to it. Yesterday we had a clear day with winds that in the morning wiped the skies clean. From our Umbrian hill top you can look quite far and see the cream topped mountains that lie to the east of us. They promised snow i the past days but only thing we got so far is cold. Lots of it.

I think 60% of my plants in the garden including heavy duty cabbages have ceased to be.

It is supposed to get a bit warmer but also windier and that wind can be cold. It can be 0C but with windchill it can feel like -12C no kiddin. Here they always call the wind Tramontana, I’m not sure since any cold wind is called that here but I agree it is cold. There is a place in the valley where if you pass during one of these windy periods it feels like someone has openend the door of a huge freezer and put a ventilator in it.

Here some pictures I took a few days ago with the unmistakable Umbria fog in it. If you want to know more about the Umbrian climate have a look here.

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