Wine festival Chiusi

Inhabitants of Chiusi organised a wine festival last friday and since I had never been to Chiusi (and neither had my guests) we jumped at this opportunity.
Chiusi is a lovely village in Tuscany just over the Umbrian border. Fortunately we had lovely guests since the wine festival turned out to be a bit of a meagre event. After having visited the underground Labyrinth of Porsenna, a series of tunnels under the town, built in the 6th-5th century BC and probably used in Etruscan-Roman times for drainage and storage of rain waters it was off to the festival. When we finally reached a nice place to sit it turned out that the wines on show were disappointing, expensive and served in horrible little plastic cups.
Luckily we had spotted an interesting looking restaurant which turned out to be quite good. Pasta with ginger and poppy seeds, Beef cheek, good trippa and very quaffable wine. The restaurant is called La solita Zuppa.

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