Vineria La Fraschetta

During a wonderful dinner made by the owners of apartments we rent out, mentioned that not too far away from our house there is a place which sells the cheese they produce. Most evenings a simple dinner was served they said.

It is in Ponte Valleceppi just before the bridge over the Tiber. They don’t have a large kitchen so if you are in the mood for a plate of pasta you won’t find it there. They do have however very nice affettati (hams, sausages and the like), good cheeses and a small salad is also an option. The winebar is called La Fraschetta.

The fraschette used to be typical to Lazio and are a special type of osteria. They served mainly porchetta and wine  as far as I know but nowadays they have all sort of simple food. As you might have expected they have a large collection of wines. For a light lunch, dinner, big aperitivo or just for a small bite make sure you visit this place it has a lovely ‘dated’ atmosphere. They also sell most of the products they serve.

Vineria La Fraschetta Via Gramsci Antonio 37, 06135 Ponte Valleceppi, Italia 075 5928448. Their business card is on top.

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