Wild boar and grapes

No, sorry no recipe.

It is the time of the year that the majority of the grapes have become sweet enough to be called ripe. So in the morning you stroll over to your vineyard, eye a nice bunch or two, snip them of and  dive back into your home to let them join the ingredients already in your muesli bowl.

We are not the only ones who like them. Mr. and mrs. wildboar have a taste for them as well. At night you can hear them gnarling in the vineyard munching all those lovely sweet grapes at wildboar height. Having finished grapes at the lower levels they have no problem destroying your vines to get to the heigher fruits. It is not only grapes they like. Figs are another favorite. Last year I caught a male wildboar standing up against the tree to get his daily dose of syrupy fruits!

Shame about the fruit. The question though is, does eating fruits make wildboars tastier?

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