Spoleto Wine Festival

If you like wine festivals you’ll like Italy.
Take this one for example, vini nel mondo in Spoleto. In exchange for some euro’s you are handed a wineglass and a ‘winemap’ of Spoleto. You then head into town and dive into one of the buildings marked on the map to get your glass filled. It is not only wine, there is also food to be had. Sausages of course but also great cheeses and honey. The overall event is well organised and Spoleto makes for a very pleasant background. During the day there are several guided tastings where you can for example find out all about prosecco, valpolicella or if you must Umbrian beers. On different podiums artists do their thing.
Tasted some nice Coda di Volpe, Vajra Barberesco and Taurasi from Cantine Lonardo. Very charming the man in the second picture who made the best Porchetta I ever tasted done in a wood-oven. If you happen to be in the Spoleto region next time make sure you visit this event, great fun and if you are looking for a holiday property nearby have a look at our website (even without the wine festival Spoleto is more than worth a visit!).

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