Tridente, wine and olive oil from Sicily.

Few years ago at the Vini di Vignaioli we talked to some winemakers from Sicily who produced some very nice wines. To be more precise they make wine but also olive oil, olives, peperoncino, oregano etc. Last time at the Vini Veri we were enthusiasticly pulled over to the stand by these very jovial people. We also sampled their olives and oil, great stuff. As it is quite difficult to get hold of high quality products we decided to order some of their products directly from them. The goods arrived in no time, they even included some of their very nice sundried tomatoes which they normally do not sell. A week further, quite some bottles have been polished of con gusto and a few packs of olives have been finished. Their Nero D’avola is a very fresh ultra drinkable wine, a far cry from those over oaked examples you normally encounter and secondo me the price is a steal. Have a look at their website

or at the pictures 😉

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