A ‘new’ restaurant near Umbertide

It is not a new restaurant but a place I had never visited.  A 10 minute drive from Umbertide in the direction of Gubbio.

Why did I not find out before? Villa Valentina is part of a spa. I had no idea one could eat there.

The food is actually quite good and the service is ottimo. A small house aperitif accompanied by a little explanation of what else there was to be had beside the menu, set the tone for the evening. A lot of the food you eat is allegedly their own production, think vegetables and meat here. Love that idea!

Their own wine is made by Arnaldo Caprai from grapes grown on the land of the wellness centre. The winelist is a bit too much a hitlist of big names medium value for me but there is something to be found. The unoaked house red will do the trick for most.

The drinking water is rather special (and comes from there, the reason to have a spa as well) as are the plates on which the food is served. The owner, a real buongustaio, is very hospitable and he kept on bringing things just to taste. After proudly telling he just ate three pigeons he very kindly also shared some 43 year old Marsala.

It is rumoured that the son of the former king of Italy comes here quite a lot. It is a small operation and they want to keep it that way, in summer they have a nice terrace, reservation recommended. Assolutamente da provare!

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