Five Italian Words

Over at the italofile website I came across a nice post. In it the idea was put forward that everyone who is writing about Italy makes a blog about five favorite italian words. Now I have a lot more than five favorite Italian words but for unclear reasons I’d like to put forward these:

Bravo: Now this word basically means good like in bravo bambino. But I like it when Italians agree with something you have said and make this known by saying very matter of factly like they are your ‘master’, the wise perons, bravo (often followed by your name) ….and then comes their story. You can also use it to say how good someone/something is Che bravo! or as Fa il bravo which means be good. Capito? Bravo!

Beh: Sometimes when in Italy you feel like talking to sheep. A lot of beh reaching your ears left and right. It is what I think in English they call an exclamation or interjection. I’d say you can translate it well. Anytime an Italian ask you something just start with Beh, ma…… Be warned once picked up it is very difficult to get rid of 🙂 And yes Ah beh is something they use over here.

Seccatura: I don’t hear it very often but I like it anyway. It means something like ‘a bother’ When you find yourself driving in the rain you could say: ” Che seccatura guidare con questa pioggia!” Secca means dry … making ‘seccatura’ dryness.

Boh: Extremely usefull it means dunno. You can say Boh practically all day if you really have no clue. Don’t confuse it with beh! And make it sounds like booOOOOOh.

Comunque: Again very usefull. After talking about a problem for over a few hours and you want to finish you say ‘Comunque……’ Which translates as ‘however’. You’ll hear it a lot.

Looking for more words? Look up these decespugliatore, cannonata (like in ‘va una cannonata!’).

A nice tip is to subscribe to the Zanichelli mailing list that sends you a word a day (select ‘Parola del Giorno).

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