Collecapretta, great small wine producer in Umbria

Just back from the Viniveri and Vinnatur. Two events that can be marked as the ‘wilder cousins’ of Vinitaly. You’ll undoubtedly see, in the near future, some short posts on some wines we picked up there. But first up is a recent visit to a small natural winemaker in Umbria, Collecapretta.

Since the owner had told us that they hardly ever attend wine events, we went to visit them (we were in the neighbourhood of Spoleto to have dinner with friends). We had a vague description of where the winery was to be found but at a certain moment needed some local help. We entered a small bar of which the owner was spelling the newspaper. We had to be in the neighbourhood since my question for some directions was answered by a broad smile and a proud ‘he’s my uncle!’ After uttering these very words he dashed off to his furgone (van), opened the door and grabbed a bottle of wine. ‘Guarda, questo e’ il vino di mio zio’ he exclaimed!
A few minutes later we were at the winery. A lovely and rapid dog urged us to play a ball game with him (the dog would make an excellent goal keeper). Luckily the owner saved us from what otherwise would have be a long training session, the dog being the trainer mind you.

While sipping from their lovely ‘vino sfuso’ the winemaker showed us the cantina. Everything they do is done by hand. Incredible! Even filling and the labelling. Their production is quite small of each wine of the around 7 types they make a mere 500 to 600 bottles. The rest flows directly from the casks. Unfortunately we didn’t bring any empty bottles so we’ll have to return to get hold of their not yet dry white.
The winemaker told us that for the coming months the white may throw a sparkle or two when it warms. All the wines are fermented without yeast inoculation mostly in steel tanks. Something very special they make is their ‘Il Galantuomo’, a Barbera (a grape you hardly ever see in Umbria). We even got to taste the unfinished one that only the owner and his wife, an enthusiastic knowledgable and friendly couple, had tasted up till then.

As we left the winemaker urged us to come back someday so we could talk, drink and eat some of their homemade prosciuto and sausages. Will do as soon when we are in the area again!

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