Is this Pizza?

There is one thing I didn’t write about in my piece about our visit to Rome. That ‘thing’ is called Pizzarium.

I thought this place is so special that I should mention it seperately. In short Pizzarium is a big hole in the wall type of place selling pizza. But lets go inside. You will find a cozy place with two big cooling cabinets containing a selection of beer that unless you live in a Nordic beer brewing country, one seldoms sees.  Besides all sorts of artisan Italian beers they even sell the famous Schlenkerla Rauchbier!

Turn around and on the counter behold the thing we came for . Pizza, or is it? Never in my life have I eaten pizza so good. The dough is made from flour milled by Mulino Marino. For levitation there is a supposedly 80 years old pasta madre (sour dough). Anything put on the pizza wheteher it is oil, cheese, meat, vegetables or tomatoes, all ingredients are really top notch and bought from famous and good producers.

Tastes range from Margherita, pizza with potato and killer cheese, broccoli and sausage etc. all very very good. I’m not sure if one can still call this pizza but it it dough topped with delicacies. They also sell suppli, small fried torpedo’s filled with rice. I didn’t taste them but I’m absolutely sure you won’t be dissapointed.

The only small let down was that the owner, Gabriele Bonci, wasn’t there when we payed a visit as he was looking after his wife who had fallen ill. The staff on duty Patrizia, Diego and Gherardo made up for it with interesting stories and endless knowledge of the products on sale. Knowledgeable foodfreaks, we like that! Grazie infiniti ragazzi! When in Rome make sure you visit this place I understood they also sell bread during the day……
La Selezione  Gabriele Bonci
via della meloria 43, roma, Vat
+39 06 39 74 54 16

(Take the metro and get out on Metro Cipro. It is directly at the metro station.

I saw Gabriele has his own blog:
The staff of Pizzarium recommended this place, we did not have time to visit but I tasted their beer some time ago and was impressed:

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