Iphone apps Umbria

If you have done some research on travelling to Umbria recently you might have stumbled upon two iphone apps (one for Todi and one for Orvieto) costing €5 each. In due time a third app, one on Assisi, will be ready.
I wrote the company who produced the apps and got a prompt reply inviting me to test the applications. I answered I would happily oblige and asked if they could give me access to the apps. I also included some points about the apps that I noticed while watching the preview version as well as some questions. What for instance were their criteria for including the different restaurants and hotels?
Back came a neat reply thanking me for my comments and a defence against what I had thought where some random comments. Clearly no further commentary was necessary. Thank you.
Well saves me some time. And to be honest I didn’t think the apps are that spectacular!

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