Mi chiamo..

While reading a magazine in the waiting room of my dentist last week I overheard a funny conversation. An elderly man had just had something done to his teeth an wanted to pay. The wife of the dentist asked the man his exact name so she could make up the bill. The fellow, a typical Umbro, large hands, somewhat bended by all the hard physical labor and bright eyes still looking into the world with a friendly somewhat childish look, said it was Angelo.

The woman said Angiolo, no said the man persistently it is Angelo! This went on for sometime. The woman did not understand, because the man’s name is spelled ‘Angiolo’.
Aaah said the man I see what you mean. He explained his name is Angelo and that it had been that for all of his life. Only when he bought a house and needed some official documents did he see that it was written Angiolo.
Now how about that?

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