40 quintale

As we use mostly wood for our heating we need to top up our supply now and then. This time we went for some 40 quintali. 1 quintale is 100kg.


Can’t do without these, even not in magic Umbria.

In large parts of rural italy most things are measured in quintali. Wether it’s olives or wood, quintale is the magic word.


This will see us through winter.

It took about half a day to get the wood in. Only thing left for us is aching muscles.I love my stufa but at certain moments doubts surface. For instance how many times do I handle a piece of wood before it ends up in the fire? All in all I do like jobs like this, it’s simple work with a real goal, not much thinking required.
I’m of now to get some wood from the shed to my house. (Heating a house on wood does make you feel warm!)

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