Old watermill and bakery near Spello

By change sometime ago we visited a watermill near Spello. The mill dates from 1860. It is still functioning and what makes it even more interesting is that they make breads and traditional Umbrian treats on the premise.

From Spello you drive to San Giovanni, before San Giovanni turn right on a crossing where a sign says wich among others Valtopina. At the bottom of this road you turn left et voila a sign to the mill wich is very nearby now. It is called Forno Mulino Buccilli, Via san Giovanni 21.
It is a wonderfull place with a big swan swimming in the reservoir above the mill. They had bought two but one has decided to leave. Due to a growing water shortage each year it becomes more difficult to operate the mill.

The bakery manages to turn out some great products. Rocciata for instance a sort of strudel made with apple, figs, nuts and spices. Don’t forget the honey cake it is delicious. There is a lot more to be found, all typical of the area.
If you plan to visit try to make an appointment beforehand.

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